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Title: American Memorial Park Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

Author: US Fed Gov
Publisher: National Park Service
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Court Of Honor And Flag Circle

The Court Of Honor And Flag Circle is a memorial to the American and Marianas people who died in "Operation Forager" (the battles for Saipan and Tinian), and the Battle Of The Philippine Sea during World War II, in June-July 1944.

The Court Of Honor has 26 granite plates inscribed with the names of 2,875 Marines, 1,824 Army and 505 Navy personnel who were either killed or listed as missing-in-action. Momentous quotes from the American commanders, and three quotes from the United Nations Peace Conference at the end of World War II are inscribed in stone monuments at the Court Of Honor.

The Flag Circle consists of the American flag, flanked by the Service Flags of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force (Army Air Corps). The Flag Circle is prominently viewed through the park's mall entrance by all who drive north on Beach Road in Saipan.

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American Memorial Park
Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

50th Anniversary Reunion Of World War II Veterans At Court Of Honor
Veterans return 50 years later
June 15, 1994 marked the 50th anniversary of D-Day on Saipan. Fifty years earlier, on June 15, 1944, after intense bombardment by U.S. Navy ships and carrier-born aircraft, the U.S. Second Marine Division and Fourth Marine Division assaulted the western beaches of Saipan, followed two days later by the U.S. Army 27th Infantry Division.

Fifty years later, the Battles for Saipan and Tinian were commemorated with the dedication of the Court of Honor and Flag Circle at American Memorial Park. Over 150 World War II veterans and their family arrived from the U.S. mainland to remember that event. On the morning of June 15, 1994 there were memorial ceremonies on the original Saipan landing beaches and in other parts of Saipan where the Army, Navy, Navy Seabees, Marine, Air Force, and other supporting units fought and served on Saipan.

Afterward, the island of Saipan turned out for a grand parade along Beach Road in Garapan honoring the World War II Veterans and those residents of Saipan who endured the war. At the end of the parade route, the Veterans assembled at the Court of Honor and dedicated it to the memory of those who paid the ultimate price.

In the evening there was a big-band concert and a tremendous fireworks show at American Memorial Park.

Throughout the following days there were many commemorations and tours at Tinian and Saipan. Since then many other Veterans have been able to return to Saipan for their own private commemorations.

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WWII Memorial
Events Recorded: The Court of Honor is a memorial to the American and Marianas people who died in "Operation Forager
Dates: JUN 1944    Place: Saipan Marianas Islands

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