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Title: Peter Turney's 1st Tennessee Regiment (Company A) (Sanders) Roster Notes

Franklin Co TN
In The Civil War
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After the Feb. 1861 secession meeting, Peter TURNEY organized a company in Winchester, which was later to become "C" Company. Four other companies from Franklin, Lincoln, Coffee and Grundy counties were formed after the fall of Fort Sumter.

TURNEY'S 1st was organized at Winchester, TN, 21 Apr. 1861 and was mustered into service at Lynchburg, VA, 8 May 1861. On 17 May, they traveled by rail to Richmond where they were drilled by the cadets from the Virginia Military Institute. On June 1, they moved to Harper's Ferry and in July to the locale of Manassas where they were a part of the 3rd Brigade, JOHNSTON'S Division. Organization of the Tennessee Brigade was announced on 8 Mar. 1862. The third Tennessee regiment in this brigade was always the First Tennessee Regiment, but not always the same First. Until Feb., 1862 MANEY'S First Tennessee Volunteers was in the brigade, but when it was ordered back to Tennessee, it was succeeded by TURNEY'S 1st Confederate Infantry sometimes called the 1st Tennessee Regiment, Provisional Army, CSA. The Battle of Fredricksburg was fought in Dec. 1862. W.A. MILES sent an account of the wounded and killed to the newspaper. The company surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse 9 Apr. 1865. Isham G. HARRIS, formerly of Franklin County, was Governor of the State during the first part of the war (3 Nov. 1857-3 Mar. 1862) and Peter TURNEY served as Governor of the State of Tennessee from 16 Jan. 1893 to 21 Jan. 1897.

Selected Roster Notes:  

SANDERS, Alexander Houston - Pvt. He was b. 20 Sept 1838 at Payne's Cove, Grundy Co., TN, d. 9 May 1919; s/o Jacob SANDERS and Martha YATES. He m. Mary E. CRABTREE and lived in Grundy. He went to his father's home in Lincoln Co. after the war.~ *He Enr. 29 Apr 61 at Pelham, aged 20. He was shot in the arm at Harper's Ferry. Promoted to 2nd Cpl. 20 Oct 62. After Gettysburg he was authorized to return home for the purpose of raising a company. Furlough expired 23 Mar 64 considered to have deserted. He raised a Company and was appointed Capt. of Company C, 20th Tenn. Cav. In a battle in Madison County, AL, he had a leg broken by a gunshot; at McMinnville, TN, a bullet passed through his chin; at Selma, AL, he received a bullet in his thigh which he carried until his death; and at the last-named battle, while in a hand-to-hand conflict with sabers, his own weapon was cut in two, and thus left defenseless he warded off blows with his hands until one of his comrades shot his assailant, but his hands were badly cut. After the war he was elected to the county court for eight years and in 1892 was elected Sheriff of Grundy County. He applied for a pension from Franklin County after 1891.*

SANDERS, James M. - Pvt. *Enr. 29 Apr 61 at Pelham, aged 19; killed in action at Seven Pines, VA, 31 May 62.*

SANDERS, Milton Porter - Pvt. He was b. c1837, s/o Thomas SANDERS and Mary.~ *Enr. 29 Apr 61 at Pelham, aged 23; wounded in hand at Chancellorsville, VA, 3 May 63, wounded at Gettysbsurg, PA, 3 July 63; deserted 1 Mar 64 at Harrisonburg, VA*

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1st Tennessee Regiment  (Peter Turney's) Company A


Turney, Peter - Colonel
George, Newton J. - Lieut. Colonel
Holman, James H. - Lieut. Colonel
Shackleford, John C. (James C.) - Lieut. Colonel
Buchanan, Felix G. - Major
Holman, Daniel W. - Major
McLaughlin, Martin V. - Major


General S. R. Anderson's, Hatton's, Archer's and McComb's Brigade


Seven Pines - 99 casualties
Cedar Mountain - 24 casualties
Second Manassas - 57 casualties
Fredericksburg - 57 casualties
Chancellorsville - 58 casualties
Gettysburg - 268 engaged, more than 60% killed, wounded, or missing
Cold Harbor
Petersburg Campaign
Appomattox - surrendered 8 officers and 30 men


The composite roster of this company contains 1,757 men.

Company "A" The "Pelham Guards" was made up of men from Altamont and Pelham in Grundy County
                          and Hillsboro in Coffee County.
Company "B", “The Tullahoma Guards” was made up of men from Franklin and Bedford Counties.
Company "C" "The Mountain Boys" was made up of men from Winchester, Franklin Co., TN.
Company "D" The "Ridgeville Hornets" was made up of men from the part of Franklin that became Moore Co., TN.
Company "E" "The Lynchburg Rangers" was made up of men from the part of Franklin that became Moore Co., TN.
Company "F" The "Salem Invincibles" was made up of men from Franklin Co., TN.
Company "G" "The Fayetteville Guards" was made up of men from Lincoln Co., TN.
Company "H" "The Shelton's Creek Volunteers or Shelton Creek Boys" was made up of men from Lincoln Co., TN.
Company "I" "The Tullahoma Guards or The Cowan Guards" was made up of men from Coffee County.
Company "K" "The Boon's Creek/Hill Minute Men" was made up of men from Lincoln County.
Company L Three companies that formed the Nashville Battalion


Crute - Units of the Confederate States Army

Rigdon, John C.
- Historical Sketch and Roster of the Tennessee 1st Infantry Regiment (Turney's)

Rigdon, John C.
- The Civil War in Tennessee

Porter, James D.
Confederate Military History Vol. 8 - Tennessee
348 pgs. Paperback

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Original data: Tennessee State Library and Archives, comp. Samuel Sistler, revised. Index to Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications. Nashville, TN: 1964 (revised 1994 )

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