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Content and Creation: Alma Harings

aka Libby

Updated  14 Dec 2014


Hello and Welcome!

This project was created in the interest of tracking and documenting my maternal family history and to preserve those related histories for posterity.  The genealogies found here are based on both the direct and associated lines of my maternal grandparents

My Grandfather

Cecil Sylvester SANDERS


b. Grundy County TN

My Grandmother

Alma Virginia DIXON (Dickson)
b. Wise County VA

My Mother

Peggy Joyce Sanders

Born abt. 1939

Jenkins, Letcher, KY

Click here to view a simple graph showing the direct lines from which my mother descends.

Our Dickson Family Ancestors
My Great (x8) Grandfather John Dickson  (1704-1774)

Much of our early Dickson (Dixon) family history found here was extracted from  Our Dixon Family History Book  compiled by Bobby H. Henson of Birmingham Alabama.  For those who may be interested in obtaining a copy, please contact Bobby directly by using the link I have provided above.  

 Our Dixon family line has been traced back to John Dickson (1704-1774) of  Newrey, Ireland ~ Our line descends from his 8th and last born son. James Dickson (1750-1812) of Duplin County NC.

About John Edward Dickson (1874-1967)

My Great Grandfather

The first child of William Thomas Dickson and Elizabeth Canzada Kilgore was a son, John Edward, born 3 May 1874 in the Altamont area of Grundy County, Tennessee.

 He no doubt led a rough and tumble life with the conflict of the times within the free coal miners, convict miners and the post-Civil War recovery era. John got little schooling. He attended a 10 nights writing school and three months regular school and remembered getting as far as "Baker" in the old Webster, Blue Back Speller.

He entered the coal mines at 12 years of age in 1886, working for the Dade Coal Company in Coal City, Dade County, Georgia for 50 cents per shift. When his family came back to Franklin County, Tennessee, John Edward went to his mother�s old home area of Tracy City in Grundy County and worked for the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company for the next 18 years. His only break was during the big strike of 1895 when he went to Dayton, Rhea County, Tennessee to work for about a year.

Ed's father, William Thomas Dickson was a mine foreman for the iron mines of Dade Coal Company in northwest Georgia. Wm T. supervised the work of convicts in the mine and was paid $1.75 per shift. The convicts worked for their board and clothes. If they loaded more than their allotment, they were paid 25 cents per car load.

Small oil lamps were used when Ed worked in the mines underground for light. This type lamp smoked a great deal. Ed said he could hardly see 20 inches ahead of himself while he drove the mule to carry the ore out of the mine. This lamp resembled a miniature coffee pot. Water was pumped from the mine by steam driven pumps. When Ed worked in Coal City, Georgia, he loaded coal for $2.50 per shift. Ed joined the United Mine Workers of America Union in 1898 and pay and working conditions improved considerably after that.

In 1903, he returned to northwest Georgia (about that time his mother had gotten deathly ill) where he worked for the Pittsburg Durham Coal and Coke company mining coal out of Lookout Mountain.

On 16 December 1908, he married the beautiful Sallie Mae Taylor in Trenton, Dade County, Georgia. Sallie was born 10 May 1890 at Trenton to Zachariah Taylor and Nancy Elizabeth "Nannie" Osborn.

 Zachariah F. Taylor was born in Cobb County, Georgia, 14 February 1840.  He had been a devout member of the Baptist Church into which Ed became a lay minister. No doubt Zach had a positive and profound influence on his young son-in-law.

While still in the Trenton area of Dade county, Sallie and Ed Dickson started their family and then moved "on to Tennessee�; on 4 July 1917 they arrived in Wise, Virginia. Ed had been a lay minister since 1916, but in 1918 he was ordained a minister by the Missionary Baptist Church in Wise, Wise County, Virginia. Along, with his family, nothing was more important than his ministry. He was the pastor at churches in Mary Chapel, Coeburn, Ball Run, Banner view, Hurricane, Mud Town and many other churches. He led many people to be Christians and baptized them in lakes and rivers of the area. He was active in the ministry as long as he was able to attend.

Ed worked a couple of years for Gladeville Coal Company in Wise and from 1919 to 1920 operated Hix Orchards at Wise. In late 1920, Ed moved his family to Coeburn VA where he preached and clerked for Charlie Gillespie�s store. He also spent a couple- of years as a clerk for Racket Stores and a couple more years as a monument salesman. Beginning in 1934, Ed went back into the mines of the area working in the drift and shallow slopes. He also was in the grocery business at Lick Fork, Camp Creek and Snowball Hollow. In 1944, he retired from mining after a stretch in Snowball Hollow.

Ed and Sallie�s union produced seven children all of whom survived to adulthood. Sallie Mae had aged 57 years when she passed away in Jenkins KY on Christmas Day of 1947.

In 1953, John Edward married Eura Davis and they lived a comfortable life in the Clintwood area.

 John Edward died 14 December 1967 at Wise, Virginia at the age of 93 years and was buried 17 December 1967 at Stanley Cemetery at Longs Fork in Clintwood, VA beside his first wife Sallie Mae.

Bobby H. Henson

Extracted by: Alma Harings

Descendants of John and Ann Dickson
of Newrey Ireland

Nine Generation Report
Alma E Dailey-Harings

Compiled July 2005

First Generation

1. 1John Dickson. was born in 1704 in Newrey, Ireland and was the great-great grandson of Simon Dickson of Newrey.  John married his Scot-Irish bride "Ann" about 1734 and later in 1738 emigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania with her and their two young sons, Michael and John, Jr...

 John first settled in Chester County Pennsylvania where his third son William was born.  Shortly thereafter he left Pennsylvania for the Province of North Carolina, first settling for a time in Maryland and then in Virginia.  His final settlement, about 1744, was in New Hanover which later became known as Duplin County North Carolina.

When Duplin County was formed from New Hanover County in 1749/1750, John Dickson became the first Register of Deeds.  Later he held various County offices; was a member of the 1762 Colonial Assembly of North Carolina and held an office in the NC State Militia.  John was perceived by his family as a well-educated thoughtful man, proud of his Scot-Irish ancestry that he knew very well. 

Widowed during the spring of 1774, John Dickson prepared his final will and testament on September 3rd of that same year.  He died in Duplin County that winter at the age of 70.  His Will is on file in Kenansville, Duplin, North Carolina and offers the names of his eight sons and one daughter as follows:    

Issue of John and Ann Dickson �:

  1.   Michael Dickson
  2.   John Dickson  Jr., 
  3.   William  Dickson
  4.   Robert  Dickson
  5.   Joseph  Dickson
  6.   Alexander  Dickson
  7.   Edward  Dickson
  8.   Mary  Dickson



son 2James Dickson b. on 9 May 1750 in Duplin County North Carolina

Second Generation

2. 2James Dickson, son of 1John and Ann Dickson [1] �. Born on 9 May 1750 in Duplin County North Carolina. Died on 18 May 1812 in Duplin County North Carolina, 62 years old.

Married first Susannah Carr about 1800 when about 50 years old.

Married second Dorothy Pearsall about 1766 in South Carolina when about sixteen years old.

Issue of James Dickson and Dorothy Pearsall:



son 3Reuben (sr.) Dixon b. in 1767 in South Carolina.


son Edward Dickson b. on 17 April 1775 in North Carolina.


son William Pearsall Dickson b. on 7 Oct. 1781 in North Carolina.


son Alexander Dickson b. on 20 Feb. 1784 in North Carolina.


dau. Ellinor Dickson .


dau. Margaret Dickson .


dau. Elizabeth Dickson .


dau. Anne Dickson .


child Child Dickson .

Third Generation

3. 3Reuben (sr.) Dixon, son of 2James Dickson [2] and Dorothy Pearsall. Born in 1767 in South Carolina.

Married Polly � in Washington County Georgia.

Issue of Reuben (sr.) Dixon and Polly �:



son 4Reuben Dixon Jr. b. in 1809 possibly in Georgia/NC.

Fourth Generation

4. 4Reuben Dixon Jr., son of 3Reuben (sr.) Dixon [3] and Polly �. Born in 1809 possibly in Georgia/NC.

Married Sarah Harriett Newman Baites on 17 Jan. 1838 in Estille Springs, Franklin County Tennessee when 28 or 29 years old.

Issue of Reuben) Dixon Jr. and Sarah Harriett Newman Baites:



son 5William Thomas Dickson b. on 6 June 1848 in Winchester, Franklin, TN.


son Edmond L. Dixon b. about 1847 in Tennessee.


son John Dixon b. about 1853 in Tennessee.


son Richard Dixon .


dau. Sarah Dixon .


son Thomas F. Dixo

Fifth Generation

5. 5William Thomas Dickson, son of 4Reuben (Jr) Dixon Jr. [4] and Sarah Harriett Newman Baites. Born on 6 June 1848 in Winchester, Franklin, TN. Died on 18 Aug. 1930 in Lipscomb, Jefferson, AL, 82 years old. Buried on 20 Aug. 1930 in Macedonia Cem., Pea Ridge, Shelby, AL.

Married Elizabeth Canzada Kilgore, dau. of Stephen Kilgore (son of William K. Kilgore and MARY Ann Layne) and Nancy A. Thompson (dau. of Ausburn Thompson and Abigail �), on 15 March 1872 in Altamont, Grundy, TN when 23 years old (Elizabeth Canzada was about seventeen years old). Elizabeth Canzada b. about 1855 in Marion, TN; d. about May 1903 in Lafayette, Walker, GA, about 48 years old; bur. in Walker County GA.

Issue of William Thomas Dickson and Elizabeth Canzada Kilgore:


son 6R.Charley Dickson b. on 1 Nov. 1875 in Winchester; d. on 6 Aug. 1930 in Shelby, AL, 54 years old; bur. on 8 Aug. 1930 in Genery�s Gap, Shelby.


dau. Sallie Clementine Lou Dickson b. on 27 April 1877 in Estelle Springs, Franklin; d. on 5 Oct. 1928 in Lipscomb, 51 years old; bur. on 8 Oct. 1928 in Macedonia Cem..


son William M. Dickson b. on 3 Feb. 1878 in Estelle Springs; d. on 20 Feb. 1905 in Concord, Jefferson, 27 years old; bur. on 23 Feb. 1905 in Rock Creek Cem., Jefferson, AL.



son George Reuben Dickson b. on 3 Jan. 1880 in Estelle Springs.


son Samuel Richard Dickson b. on 22 Aug. 1885 in Rising Fawn, Dade, GA; d. on 5 May 1965 in Birmingham, Jefferson, 79 years old; bur. on 7 May 1965 in Valhalla Cem., Bessemer, Jefferson, AL; m. � �.


son Arthur Dickson b. on 28 April 1886 in Lafayette; d. on 3 Aug. 1924 in Coalmont, Shelby, 38 years old; bur. on 5 Aug. 1924 in Macedonia Cem.; m. � �.


son Walter Dickson b. in 1887 in Rising Fawn; d. on 21 Sep. 1912 in Adger, Jefferson, 24 or 25 years old.


dau. Josephine Dickson b. on 11 March 1892 in Lafayette; d. on 20 Dec. 1985 in Ketona Nursing Home, Jefferson, 93 years old; bur. on 23 Dec. 1985 in Elmwood Cem., Jefferson; m. � �.



son Rev John Edward Dixon b. on 3 May 1874 in Tracy City, Grundy, Tennessee.

Sixth Generation

6. 6George Reuben Dickson, son of 5William Thomas Dickson [5] and Elizabeth Canzada Kilgore. Born on 3 Jan. 1880 in Estelle Springs, Franklin, TN. Died on 18 Aug. 1956 in Birmingham, Jefferson, AL, 76 years old. Buried on 22 Aug. 1956 in New Walker�s Chapel Cem., Jefferson, AL.

Married Kate Fancher about 1907 in Alabama when about 27 years old. Kate of Shelby County Alabama.

Issue of George Reuben Dickson and Kate Fancher:


dau. 7Ruby C. Dickson b. about 1908 in (possibly Shelby County) Alabama.

7. 6Rev John Edward Dixon, son of 5William Thomas Dickson [5] and Elizabeth Canzada Kilgore. Born on 3 May 1874 in Tracy City, Grundy, Tennessee. Died on 14 Dec. 1967 in Wise, Wise, VA, 93 years old. Buried on 17 Dec. 1967 in Stanley Cemetery at Longs Fork near Clintwood, VA.

Married first Sallie Mae Taylor, dau. of Zachariah F. Taylor and Elizabeth Osborn �Nannie�, on 16 Dec. 1908 in Trenton, Dade, GA USA when 34 years old (Sallie Mae was eighteen years old). Sallie Mae b. on 10 May 1890 in Trenton Dade GA; d. on 25 Dec. 1947 in Jenkins Letcher Kentucky, 57 years old; bur. on 29 Dec. 1947 in Stanley Family Cemetery at Longs fork in Clintwood VA.  

Issue of Rev John Edward Dixon and Sallie Mae Taylor:



dau. 7Edna Mae Dixon b. on 26 Aug. 1909 in Trenton, Dade, Georgia.


dau. Loretta Dixon b. on 11 Aug. 1914 in Trenton, Dade, GA, USA; d. on 6 May 1986 in Manassas, Virginia USA, 71 years old; bur. in May 1986 in next to her husband George in Ermine Kentucky.; m. George Fleming, son of Hilbert Fleming and Bessie Street, on 21 April 1944 in Jenkins, Letcher, Kentucky when 29 years old (George was 31 years old).



dau. Alma Virginia Dixon b. on 30 April 1919 in Wise, Wise, Virginia.



dau. Ercel Aleda Dixon b. on 16 Aug. 1922 in Wise, Wise County, Virginia.


son Ray Edward Dixon b. on 8 May 1924 in Coeburn, Wise County Virginia; d. on 31 May 1997 in Wise County Virginia, 73 years old; m. Mable Tackett on 2 Feb. 1946 in Jenkins when 21 years old (Mable was nineteen years old).


son Roy Cecil Dixon b. on 7 March 1927 in Coeburn; m. Hazel Brooks on 4 March 1949 in Clintwood, Dickenson, Virginia when 21 years old (Hazel was twenty years old).


son Joe Donald Dixon b. on 14 May 1929 in Coeburn, Wise; m. Geraldine Bolling on 22 Feb. 1947 in Whitesburg, Letcher when seventeen years old (Geraldine was sixteen years old).

<>Married second Eura Davis in 1953 in Clintwood, Virginia when 78 or 79 years old.

Seventh Generation

8. 7Edna Mae Dixon, dau. of 6Rev John Edward Dixon [7] and Sallie Mae Taylor. Born on 26 Aug. 1909 in Trenton, Dade, Georgia. Died on 19 May 1972 in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio, 62 years old. Buried on 23 May 1972 in beside her husband Dale Daniels in Loveland, Ohio.

Married Dallas Dale Daniels, son of Benjamin L Daniels and Elizabeth Hedrick, on 4 April 1927 in Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee when seventeen years old (Dallas Dale was 25 years old). Dallas Dale b. on 3 Oct. 1901 in Trenton; d. on 28 May 1967 in Cinn., Hamilton, Ohio, 65 years old; bur. on 30 May 1967 in Loveland Ohio.

Issue of Edna Mae Dixon and Dallas Dale Daniels:



dau. 8Doris Jean Daniels b. on 8 March 1932 in Jenkins, Letcher, Kentucky.

9. 7 Alma Virginia Dixon dau. of 6Rev John Edward Dixon [7] and Sallie Mae Taylor. Born on 30 April 1919 in Wise, Wise, Virginia. Died on 27 May 1958 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, 39 years old.  Buried in Stanley Family Cemetery at Longs Fork in Clintwood, VA.  

Married  Cecil S Sanders , son of William Lafayette Sanders (son of Milton Porter Sanders and Salina Patton Cope) and Minnie Farmer, on 27 July 1935 in Yeager, Kentucky when sixteen years old (Cecil Steve was 31 or 32 years old). Cecil Steve b. in 1903 in TN; d. on 9 June 1953 in New Orleans, LA, 49 or 50 years old; bur. on 12 June 1953 in Clintwood Virginia; marriage (1) Mattie � about 1921 in AL when about eighteen years old (Mattie was about eighteen years old); issue: Erskine Ramsey (1923�) and Kenneth Harold (1929�).

Issue of Alma Virginia Dixon and Cecil Steve Sanders:



son 8Eddie S Sanders b. 1937 in Jenkins, Letcher, Kentucky.



dau. Peggy Joyce Sanders b. in 1939 in Jenkins, Letcher, Kentucky



son Gary Ogden Sanders b. 1948 in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland.



son Paul Allen Sanders b. on 17 Sep. 1952 in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana.

10. 7Ercel Aleda Dixon, dau. of 6Rev John Edward Dixon [7] and Sallie Mae Taylor. Born on 16 Aug. 1922 in Wise, Wise County, Virginia. Died on 22 May 2001 in Jenkins, Letcher, Kentucky USA, 78 years old.

Married Leslie Vernon Ellis, son of Lilhu N. Ellis and Lila Elizabeth Pack, on 28 May 1938 in Clintwood, Dickenson, Virginia when fifteen years old (Leslie Vernon was 25 years old). Leslie Vernon b. on 20 March 1913 in Norton, Virginia; d. on 20 July 1976 in Whitesburg, Letcher, Kentucky, 63 years old.

Issue of Ercel Aleda Dixon and Leslie Vernon Ellis:


dau. 8Sallie Elizabeth Ellis b.  1950 in Jenkins, Letcher; m. Ben Bentley on 14 Dec. 1971 in Clintwood, Dickenson, Virginia when 21 years old (Ben was 24 years old).

Eighth Generation

11. 8Doris Jean Daniels, dau. of Dallas Dale Daniels and 7Edna Mae Dixon [8]. Born on 8 March 1932 in Jenkins, Letcher, Kentucky.

Married Joseph W. Terry, son of John Terry and Bess Jackson. Joseph W. b. on 17 Sep. 1929 in Coeburn, Wise, Virginia.

Issue of Doris Jean Daniels and Joseph W. Terry:


dau. 9Karen Terry

12. 8Eddie S Sanders, son of Cecil Steve Sanders and 7Alma Virginia Dixon [9]. Born on 1937 in Jenkins, Letcher, Kentucky.

Married Second Christine Wilson, dau. of Bernie Wilson and Joyce York, in 1975 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio when 37 or 38 years old (Christine was 28 or 29 years old). Christine b. 1946 in Boonville, Owesky, Kentucky.

Issue of Eddie S Sanders and Christine Wilson:


son 9Joshua Steve Sanders b.  1980 in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio.

Married First Ada Ruth Insko in 1961 in Cincinnati, Hamilton when 23 or 24 years old.

Issue of Eddie S Sanders and Ada Ruth Insko:



son 9Thomas Edward Sanders b.  1961 in Cincinnati. OH



son Patrick Christian Sanders b.  1963 in Cincinnati. OH



dau. Kelly Lynn Sanders b. 1967 in Cinn., Hamilton County. Ohio.

13. 8Peggy Joyce Sanders, dau. of Cecil Steve Sanders and 7Alma Virginia Dixon [9]. Born in 1939 in Jenkins Letcher, Kentucky.

Married first Douglas Warren Dailey. Douglas Warren b. about 1931 in KY; d. in Wise VA.

Issue of Peggy Joyce Sanders and Douglas Warren Dailey:


dau. 9Alma Elizabeth Dailey b. in 1957 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio; m. Peter John Harings III, son of Lt. Col Peter John Harings Jr and Anita Ann Bylander, on 12 Aug. 1999 in FLAGSTAFF, AZ when 41 or 42 years old (Peter John III was 45 or 46 years old).


dau. Debra Zackie Dailey b. on 8 July 1955 in Neon-Fleming; d. on 1 Dec. 1955 in Jenkins, Letcher, four months old.

Married second Cecil Edward Enlow. Cecil Edward b. on 30 Jan. 1943 in Union, Union County, South Carolina; d. on 26 Feb. 1984 in Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina, 41 years old.

Married third John T. Debottis in Flagstaff AZ.

14. 8Gary Ogden Sanders, son of Cecil Steve Sanders and 7Alma Virginia Dixon [9]. Born 1948 in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland USA.

Married first Glada Simpson about 1975 possibly in Kentucky when about 27 years old.

Issue of Gary Ogden Sanders and Glada Simpson:


son 9Stephen Sanders b.  1973 in Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky.


son Jason Sanders b.   1975 in Lexington KY.

Married second Cheryle Pentz about 1980 probably in AZ when about 32 years old.

Issue of Gary Ogden Sanders and Cheryle Pentz:


dau. 9Cassie Nicole Sanders b.  1981 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.

Married third Cecilia Lopez about 1994 possibly in Flagstaff AZ when about 46 years old. Cecilia b. in FLAGSTAFF, AZ.

Married fourth Sanders wife unknown.

Issue of Gary Ogden Sanders and Sanders wife unknown:


dau. 9Donna Lynn Sanders b 1967 in San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California.


dau. Melissa Ann Sanders b. 1969 in San Bernardino.

15. 8Paul Allen Sanders, son of Cecil Steve Sanders and 7Alma Virginia Dixon [9]. Born on 17 Sep. 1952 in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. Died on 11 Aug. 2000 in Jenkins, Letcher, Kentucky, 47 years old.

Married Cynthia Lee Depreist, dau. of John Carlos Depriest and Marilyn Elaine Bartlett, on 24 Jan. 1976 in Jenkins when 23 years old (Cynthia Lee was nineteen years old). Cynthia Lee b. 1956 in Fort Wayne, Coos, Indiana.

Issue of Paul Allen Sanders and Cynthia Lee Depreist:


son 9Paul Michael Sanders b.  1978 in Whitesburg, Letcher.KY


dau. Megan Lynette Sanders b.  1981 in Wise, Wise, VA

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My Sanders Family Ancestors
of Grundy Co Tennessee

by Alma Harings
October 2005

I am the great-great-great granddaughter of Thomas Sanders, Sr. b Jones Co NC (1790-1855) and the former Polly Roberts of Georgia ( c1795 - c1868) and descend from their son Milton Porter Sanders of Pelham,  Tennessee.

Thomas and Polly reportedly married in Franklin County TN (c 1814) and made their home there in Payne's Cove at Pelham.  Payne's Cove is located in present day Grundy County Tennessee.  

Even though the given name of Thomas' father remains a mystery as of this writing, it has been established that his father died between 1791-1792 orphaning Thomas and his (Thomas') only known brother
Southerland Sanders  (aka Southey or Suddy Sanders.)  (c1778 - <1860).

Authors Note: To learn what is known about the widow Sanders (mother of Thomas and Southey)
click here.

In 1792, two year old Thomas Sanders Sr travelled by wagon from his birth home in  Jones County North Carolina (previously known as Craven County) to live in Kentucky with the family of his paternal uncle, Revolutionary War soldier,   Solomon Sanders (1740-1837)  of Craven County NC. (Authors Note Solomon Sanders was the only known brother to Thomas' deceased father)

Many years later on December 16, 1852 while offering deposition in a civil matter, the now 62 year old Thomas Sanders Sr. shared the following statement about that trip he made in 1792 with his Uncle Solomon.

"I was so young that I could barely walk and keep up with the wagoneer". Thomas Sanders, Sr.  (c1852)

Thomas Sanders Sr.  died a few years later in October of 1855 in Pelham, Grundy, Tennessee at the age of 65 and is buried in nearby Clouse Hill Cemetery.

"Uncle Solomon" Sanders played a major role in shaping the early life of my ggg grandfather, Thomas Sanders, Sr... And even though I do not descend from Uncle Solomon directly, his association to my line is an intricate part of the story I wish to tell here.   

Much of the history relating to my early Sanders family was revealed in Solomon Sanders Revolutionary War pension files which were graciously donated to this project by Candis Lee Cattley-Sanders. The file includes affidavits and documents dating from the late 1700�s to the middle 1850's.  Many interesting details about the early movements and lives of this Sanders family were revealed therein and will be discussed more later.  

My great great great grandparents Thomas and Polly Sanders raised their eleven (11) sons and six (6) daughters in their home there in Pelham TN.  

  I descend from their ninth born son, Milton Porter Sanders (1836-1911) who was found to have a very interesting and colourful history.  Milton served the confederacy during the Civil War and was a sharpshooter for Turney's 1st TN Infantry,  

 Pvt. Milton Porter Sanders of Pelham; Tennessee fought in several major battles and was wounded numerous times having to be carried from the field.  He was shot in the head during the Battle at Gettysburg and miraculously lived to tell about it.  A lot of interesting facts about his life and military service can be found on his page.

Milton P Sanders married the beautiful Salina Patton Cope in Pope County Illinois on the 3rd of December in 1857.

My great great grandmother Salina Cope-Sanders was the daughter of  Stephen Payne Cope  and   of neighbouring Warren County Tennessee.

 It is believed that both Stephen and Comfort were of Cherokee descent.  Comfort Bolin-Cope was found listed in the Chikamaka Cherokee Roll.

I descend from Milton and Salina's 5th and last born child, William Lafayette Sanders ( 1871-1958) of Tennessee.

Many interesting questions remain unanswered surrounding the mysterious early life of William Lafayette Sanders. I believe that I have been able to prove that Wm was in fact the son of Milton and Salina Sanders.......but......I have not been able identify the family who raised him to adulthood.  Williams�s mother Salina Cope-Sanders died just a few short months after his birth, and his father was much too ill to raise William on his own.    To learn more about the early years surrounding William and his birth parents....

click here

William L. Sanders eventually married Minnie Farmer of Alabama c1892.  Their union produced six children, five sons and a daughter.  Much more information on this couple as well as the names of their children can be found here at Freepages.   I descend from their fourth born, Cecil S Sanders (1903-1953) and according to our Sanders family oral history, Cecil was born in or around Tracy City, Grundy, Tennessee.  The census records strongly suggest a birth state of Tennessee, but his exact county and/or city of birth remains unknown.    

Cecil S Sanders married Alma V Dixon in Yeager Kentucky in 1935. (certificate in my possession)

The union between Steve and Alma produced three sons and one daughter.  I descend from their second born child and only daughter, Peggy Joyce Sanders of Jenkins. Kentucky.

"Uncle Solomon" Sanders

Sanders Family Patriarch

This Revolutionary War Soldier played a major role in shaping the early life of my ggg grandfather, Thomas Sanders, Sr. and his brother Southey Sanders.   Even though I do not descend from Uncle Solomon directly, his association to my line is an intricate part of the story I wish to tell.     If not for �Uncle Solomon� my ggg grandfather Thomas Sanders Sr. (and the rest of the Sanders clan) probably would not have settled in the area known as present day Grundy County Tennessee.

Much of the history relating to my early Sanders Family was revealed in the Revolutionary War Pension Files of Solomon Sanders of North Carolina, and his widow Mary Snow.   This file includes affidavits and documents dating from the late 1700�s to the middle 1850's.  From these records many facts are available to the researcher in reconstructing the movements of Solomon and his family and important events in his life -- a life that began in Craven County, North Carolina, in the year 1740 and ended in Franklin County, Tennessee, (now Grundy) on the twenty-ninth day of November 1837.

The information that Solomon's Revolutionary War Pension file offers not only establishes the relationship between Thomas and Southey to be that of brothers, it also establishes Solomon�s relationship to them as paternal uncle.  

It has been established that Solomon Sanders had a brother who died between the years of  1790-1792 and even though his given name is still a mystery, I am confident that Solomon�s brother was my great-great-great-great grandfather and the father of Southey & Thomas Sanders, Sr.  Whom I wish to identify! 

Also found in this file are references to Solomon Sanders returning to Jones (Craven) County, North Carolina from his home in Kentucky in 1792.  His brother had died (possibly in Jones County NC previously Known as Craven Co) leaving a widow (Mary?) and two sons (Southey and Thomas Sanders, Sr.) alone in Jones County NC

Even though is was not spelled out, in reading over these documents, one could easily assume that Solomon�s brother died there in Jones County North Carolina (1790-1792) Even so, this is just an assumption from �reading between the lines� and has not been proven to my knowledge.

Solomon brought his brothers widow and two sons back to Kentucky where they all lived until shortly after the turn of the 19th century.   Between 1800-1807, the Sanders Clan migrated to the area known as present day Grundy County Tennessee where they all settled and ultimately raised their families.

Even though all of these detailed circumstances are spelled out, the given name of Solomon�s brother was unfortunately, never mentioned.
After his brothers� death (1790-1792), Uncle Solomon Sanders watched over his 2 orphaned nephews (Southey & Thomas) as his own until his own death many years later in the Pelham Valley of Tennessee.

I hope that this summary has shown how our early Sanders family ancestors eventually arrived and settled in the Pelham Valley of Tennessee.

Your comments & contributions are welcomed so feel free to drop me a line personally by simply clicking on my name below.  I thank you for your time and interest.

A Brief History of Grundy CountyTennessee

Grundy County is located in Middle Tennessee, on the border of East Tennessee, the Cumberland mountains dividing the county into a series of valleys and plateaus. Many beautiful waterfalls are found upon the mountains with the natural scenery in the county being quite extensive.

Many of the earliest settlers in Grundy County came from North Carolina.   They settled primarily in the valleys of Warren and Franklin counties, along the Collins and Elk rivers. During the period from about 1810 to 1840, settlers poured into the wilderness which was to become Grundy County. The records of Warren County detail the Collins River valley settlement during this period, while the Elk River valley was part of Franklin County.

I recommend this site:   Grundy County TN

Sanders Family Ancestors

Our Sanders Clan first arrived in the Pelham Valley (Elk River Valley) of Tennessee shortly after the turn of the 19th century (ca 1805) and became one of the first white families to settle there. When my great great great grandfather Thomas Sanders Sr first arrived with his paternal uncle, Solomon Sanders of Craven County North Carolina (1740-1837), the Sanders clan settled in the area of Franklin County known as Payne�s Cove.  (Franklin Co will later become known as Grundy)

The following historical sketches were taken from a local Grundy County TN publication 
Home Coming '86 compiled by Arlene Partin Bean & Janelle Layne Coats in 1995 and 1996 and was the re-telling of family history stories taken from interviews done in the Pelham Valley area of Grundy County Tennessee back in the 1880's .

Given this one must realize that a fact or two may be misconstrued along the way, even so, there will be much more truth than fiction found within these oral histories.

Our Earlh Sanders Family Ancestors

Home Coming '86 - page 40

Solomon Saunders (Sanders), an Irish immigrant, was an early settler in Payne's Cove where he continued to live until his death at the age of 104 years. He was a consistent member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church and was a soldier in the War of 1812.  He and his wife had eleven children.

Among them were Thomas (
not son of Solomon but nephew, Oct 2002) and Jacob Sanders.

Thomas Sanders, b. 1790 in NC, m 1816, had a son, George C. (Uncle Dick) Sanders who was born in Pelham Valley in 1821. Uncle Dick became a well known farmer and Hunter and built his home on the mountain overlooking Pelham Valley.

Authors Note:   * As indicated above, Thomas Sanders Sr. was the nephew of Solomon Sanders, not Solomon's son. * It was Thomas Sanders Sr who fought in the War of 1812 and his paternal uncle, Solomon Sanders who fought in the Revolutionary War.  *Solomon stated that he was born in Craven Co NC in 1740. * Even though it has yet to be proven (to my knowledge) it is suspected that Solomon's ancestors came from Belfast, Ireland. 

About Early Payne's Cove, Tennessee

Thomas Payne, Sr. and wife, Yannaka  Ayers, owned land with their son, Poindexter Payne, in Franklin County, GA. They sold their land in 2822, and Poindexter moved to Pendleton County, SC. At some point between 1811 and 1820, he and his family migrated to Franklin County, TN. When the 1820 census was taken, Poindexter Payne was ling in Franklin County, TN, and was reported to be over 45 years old. He had lignin with him: 3 males under 10, 1 male, age 16-18, 1male, age 18-28, 2 females under 10, 2 females, age 16-18, 1 female, age 26-45. The latter was wife, Annie Bell Hill.

Poindexter and Annie Bell settled in the protected reaches of what is now their namesake, Payne's Cove. According to oral history the first Payne settlement was right at the base of Spring Hollow, just northeast of Roberts' Cemetery. The old homeplace was located by a spring which supplied water, and the nearby forest supplied game.

A grandson of Poindexter Payne gave his name to the ridge which separates Payne's Cove & Burrows' Coves. He was William Elson Bud? Payne who built a log house on the ridge and raised a family there with his wife Mary Angeline Meeks.  Jerome Payne still talks of the peach orchard his daddy planted on the side of the mountain and of the good water which came from the spring on the ridge. Mary Elsie (Payne) Layne, Bud & Angie's daughter, related stories of the night hikes along a narrow path to church either at Bethel or Payne's Cove. There is no house on the ridge today, only the remains of an ancient rock chimney. Somewhere near the garden, now a mass of trees, are the graves of the twin girls, lost at birth, who would have been a part of this mountain family.

The Payne & Sanders families appear to have been contemporaries in the cove. Although neither family surname is now represented in Payne's Cove, there are many descendants.

Home Coming '86 - Page 30

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See Payne's Cove, Sanders Crossing, Clouse Hill

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Pvt. James M Sanders - Tribute To A Forgotten Confederate Soldier
Pvt.   James M  Sanders was my Great Great Grandfather Milton Porter Sanders' baby brother who was killed in action during the Battle of Seven Pines in 1862.   20 year old James Sanders of Grundy County Tennessee  never had the chance to marry.....he had no children....but his ultimate sacrifice not forgotten.

Pvt. John R Sanders ~ 44th TN Infantry Regiment History
Older brother of my gg gf Milton Porter Sanders of Pelham TN.  John R Sanders was also a Confederate Soldier who served with the 44th TN Infantry Reg.  John R was captured by Federals......

Photo of the Old Homeplace of John R Sanders  Sanders Crossing in Grundy Co TN
         ~Image On Loan From Candis Lee Cattley-Sanders

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Tennessee State Flag

The three stars on the flag represent the three different land forms in Tennessee. Mountains in the east, highlands in the middle and lowlands in the west. On the flag these regions are bound together in an unbroken circle. The field is crimson with a blue background for the stars. The final blue strip relieves the sameness of the crimson field and prevents the flag from showing too much crimson when it is limp.

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Honoring My Southern Heritage

During the course of researching my family tree, I found that many of my ancestors fought for the confederacy during the Civil War.  I cannot change the past nor would it benefit anyone to hide this truth.  Therefore, I have chosen to include my ancestors' respective confederate battle flags here for their historical value only and for no other reason. I do not condone racism, nor is this a forum to discuss the subject. 


Should you have any comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me personally. 

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