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The Rounding Board

Note: All pencil sketches by
Ellen Elmes, Lead Artist
The Artist Paint
  Kingsport Guilds, Est. 1940's
Lead Artist: Ellen Elmes
Sponsored by: Roy & Liza Harmon
EllenElmes.jpg (708870 bytes)
wpe9.jpg (75495 bytes)
wpe1C.jpg (61445 bytes) Old Kingsport Presbyterian Church
Artist: C. Philip Kestner
Sponsored by: Gail & Tony Cole
wpe7.jpg (62075 bytes)
wpe1E.jpg (72463 bytes) Long Island of the Holston
Artist: Carol Bowling
Sponsored by: Kathy Richards
wpe5.jpg (89162 bytes)
wpe20.jpg (67130 bytes) Daniel Boone
Artist: Faye Boushley
Sponsored by: Bobbie & Dennis Phillips
wpe1.jpg (74688 bytes)
wpe9.jpg (76165 bytes)
wpe22.jpg (70010 bytes) Santa Train
Sponsored by: Faye and Tom King
Kiwanis Kapers
Sponsored by: Gail Preslar & 
Milton Nelson
Artist: JoAnne McDonough
wpe1.jpg (171526 bytes)
wpeD.jpg (66033 bytes)
  wpe21.jpg (70980 bytes)
wpe24.jpg (60200 bytes) Flat Boats on the Holston
Sponsored by: Jim & Vicki Welch
Origins of Health Care In Kingsport & 
Holston Valley Hospital
Sponsored by: Absolute Communications

Artist: Joyce Skinner
wpe10.jpg (56013 bytes)
  wpe12.jpg (56348 bytes)
wpe26.jpg (71115 bytes) Kingsport Press
Artist: Kathy Carmack
Sponsored by: Eddie Welsh
wpe12.jpg (75216 bytes)
wpe28.jpg (63491 bytes) Bays Mountain Park
Artist: Lana Sue Carter
Sponsored by: Susie & Fred Mishkin
wpe14.jpg (69230 bytes)
wpe2A.jpg (63637 bytes) The Rotherwood Elm and Silk Mill
Artist: Sandy McAdams
Sponsored by: Jim & Sydney Cooper
wpe1.jpg (76282 bytes)
wpe16.jpg (65474 bytes)
wpe2C.jpg (66081 bytes) Exchange Place 
Sponsored by: Kingsport Aware
Cruising Broad Street
Sponsored by: Cindy & David Lemons
in honor of Bob & Peggy Turner

Artist: Susan Wright Acito
SusanAcito-02.jpg (655729 bytes)
wpe18.jpg (72241 bytes)
  wpe1D.jpg (77626 bytes)
wpe2E.jpg (62182 bytes) Rotherwood
Artist: Vivian C. White
Sponsored by: Jim & Sydney Cooper
wpe1A.jpg (56343 bytes)
wpe30.jpg (63853 bytes) 4th Of July In Kingsport - 
Holiston Mills & Kingsport Brick Co.
Artist: Amanda Richardson
Sponsored by: Nina Cottrell & Dallas Cottrell
AmandaRichardson-03.jpg (508366 bytes)
wpeD.jpg (68390 bytes)
wpe32.jpg (67427 bytes) Netherland Inn & Stage Coach
Artist: Cindy Saadeh
Sponsored by: David & Sallie Oaks
CindySaadeh.jpg (668769 bytes)
wpe11.jpg (60398 bytes)
wpe34.jpg (66360 bytes) Allandale
Artist: Wanda Walden
Sponsored by: Mr. & Mrs. Leland C. Leonard in honor of Justin & Laura Campbell, Ruby & Astrid Leonard
wpe13.jpg (50469 bytes)
wpe36.jpg (57563 bytes) CC&O Railroad Depot 
Artist: Ann Vachon
Sponsored by
Cathy and Gary Tucker
wpe15.jpg (57815 bytes)
wpe38.jpg (52580 bytes) Eastman Lumber Train Crossing Trestle
Artist: Martha Kirk
Co-Artist: Ellen Elmes
Sponsored by: Kay Ann & Parker Smith
wpe17.jpg (58165 bytes)
wpe3A.jpg (52991 bytes)   wpe38.jpg (52005 bytes) Riverview Community &The Fifties Neighborhood
Artist: Judy Easley
Co-Artist: Ellen Elmes
Sponsored by: Debbie Waggoner
wpeB.jpg (65756 bytes)
wpe3C.jpg (63618 bytes) State Theater
Artist: Brenda Bundrant
Sponsored by: Mike & Jan Stamper
wpe19.jpg (69507 bytes)
wpe40.jpg (41722 bytes) Church Circle At Christmas Time
Artist: Carolyn Damron
Sponsored by Chris Terry
CarolynDameron.jpg (536175 bytes)
wpe1B.jpg (54773 bytes)
  Dobyns-Bennett Band Before 1956
Artist: Jane Cox Williams
Co-Artist: Ellen Elmes
Sponsored by Gail & John Campbell
wpe1.jpg (140718 bytes)
Mason & Dixon
Sponsored by John R.  King & Peg Norris
wpe10.jpg (67750 bytes)
wpe27.jpg (59536 bytes) wpe25.jpg (65072 bytes)
Images Courtesy of Engage Kingsport

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